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Buyers of fresh fruit, vegatables, coffee
Are you a Farmer, Processor or Coop?

If so West Mountain would like to hear from you.  West Mountain is interested in developing long-term relationships with suppliers of quality food products.  Developing loyal long-term relationships allows our buyers to know they are getting consistent supply of similar quality year over year. West Mountain will always try to buy direct in order to keep prices competitive for all parties involved.   West Mountain is also looking for new product to represent to the Canadian marketplace.

As much as West Mountain understands the need for brokers in today's import/export market we do not wish to deal with brokers who are not directly connected with the producers or do not have the experience and product knowledge specifically suited to our specialized product list.

Please contact us if you are a direct producer of the following products:

Specialty Coffees Fruits and Vegetables
Organic Coffees Fresh Melons
Fair Trade Coffees Fresh Pineapples
SHB Estate Coffees Fresh Bananas
Commercial Grade Coffees Fresh Mangoes
Custom Roasted Coffee Frozen Assorted Fruit Chunks
Fruit Juices (NFC) Tubers and Squashes
Various Fruit Pulps (Aseptic) Frozen Peeled Yucca and Sweet Potatoes
Frozen Concentrated Juices Raw and Processed Sugar Cane
Please contact us at: trading@westmountainfinance.com

Send samples to:

West Mountain Trading

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Suite 411
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Canada V6B 1N2
Tropical Fruits at West Mountain Trading

Building great relationships with our suppliers